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Date Your Way to Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2014

To have a truly great Valentine’s Day you want to let the romance start a little bit sooner than after work February 14th! Here are 3 date ideas to deepen the romantic connection with your spouse as we build up to Valentine’s Day:

Have a Memory Lane Great Date! (Great for Valentine’s Day)

Valentine’s Day gets overbooked, so reserve ahead at your favorite restaurant. At dinner, talk about your own love story.

Talk about the Past

  • First time you saw each other
  • First date
  • First kiss
  • Favorite dates
  • When you decided to tie the knot
  • Wedding day
  • Honeymoon
  • Most romantic moments

Celebrating the Present

  • What do I like most about my spouse?
  • What is the best thing that happened to us in the last 12 months?

Looking Forward

  • What are some fun things we can do to build memories in the future?

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Reenact your first date.

Now that you’ve talked about the past have some fun reliving it! Have fun trying to replicate your first official date together. Eat the same place, go to the same activities or watch that same movie again. Guys make sure you call her ahead of time to make sure she wants to go out with you! Take this experience to the next level by dressing up and doing your hair the way you did for that first date.

If recreating exactly what you did for your first date proves too challenging, try creating a new first date together. Dress to impress, this is your new first impression! Make sure you do something that you would have been able to afford back then. Talk as if you don’t already know each other, asking questions about family, hobbies, hopes and dreams.

Either way by enjoying another “first” date you’ll see how far you’ve come as a couple and giggle at how awkward you were at the beginning. Who knows you might learn something new about your spouse!

Embark on an Urban Adventure

Instead of frequenting your favorite restaurant again, try exploring the local markets of whatever cultures you are least familiar with. Pick up as many strange culinary items as you dare to try. Order pizza for the kids and once they’re in bed, together, invent your own recipe with the foreign foods you’ve gathered. Make sure you write down the steps and amounts you used so you can repeat and maybe adjust your creation again. You may want to order a little extra pizza in case this doesn’t go well 😉

Remember to keep the mood light and you will be sure to have created an evening the two of you will not soon forget. Trying new things together helps to build memories and keeps the relationship feeling fresh, young, and can breathe new energy into your hearts.

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