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Kissing Santa Goodbye

November 19, 2013

It's not Christmas yet!

As the ghouls and goblins of Halloween are replaced, not with turkeys and pilgrims but Santa Clauses and reindeer, you may be wishing the new trend was not No Shave November but rather No Santa November. You are not alone.  More and more Americans are becoming concerned with the yuletide holiday season overshadowing other holidays. At least one town in the area had Santa decorations put up before they held Trick-or-Treat night! Perhaps soon, the ghosts of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol will become a Halloween favorite.

Rather than getting annoyed every time you see a decorated tree or big, jolly man in red in the months of September, October or November,  try out our idea to help you stay merry throughout the expanding holiday season. The Kissing Santa Game is quite simple: every time you are around your partner and you see or hear a reminder of the upcoming holiday season, give your partner a kiss; if you are not around him/her at the time, sending a kissing Santa text message will suffice.
A little extra affection can be a great stress reducer. Redirecting those seasonal reminders towards the love of your life might actually make them enjoyable. If not, just remind yourself this will all be over in a few weeks.

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