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5 Cheap Dates to Revive Your Relationship

May 30, 2013

A crucial part of maintaining a lasting connection with your spouse is to periodically take time to be together and to focus on each other. Without weekly or at least monthly “date nights” it is far too easy to let your relationship slip into a pattern of mediocrity which suffocates the passion and excitement it once had. Here are a few inexpensive ideas for dates that should help to revive the passion in your marriage:

  1. Reenact your first date. Wear retro cloths, eat at the same restaurant or do whatever else you can to reenact that first meeting. You can reflect on how far you’ve come as a couple and chuckle at how awkward you were at the beginning. Alternatively, you can enjoy the nostalgia by watching your favorite movies from when you were in school.
  2. Take a “Snow Day”. Even if there’s no snow in the forecast, plan a random vacation day for the middle of the week together. Then while the kids are at school, celebrate your private “snow day” by building forts, baking cookies and taking a bath together. Too much to get done on your day off? Can’t get the day off work? Make plans to meet your spouse at a favorite location for a mid-day “date lunch”.
  3. Movie Roulette: One of you picks a number between 1 and 25, and the other person pulls up the movie listings for a local movie theater and counts through the list to see which film corresponds to the number picked. Go and see the corresponding movie. For better or worse, it will be an experience to remember! (For a less expensive date, try going to a showing in the morning.)
  4. Volunteer. Pick a cause that you both care about and find somewhere that you can volunteer your time. Service is a great way to invest in your community and it provides a feel good atmosphere to enjoy time with your spouse while doing something you will both feel good about.
  5. Play truth or dare. Whether you’re out at a restaurant or have some time alone at home, truth or dare is a great way to have fun, make memories and maybe even learn something new about your spouse.

In addition to making time for “date nights”, many couples also find it beneficial to spend just a few minutes every day connecting. How do you stay connected to your partner?

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