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NMW Challenge Highlights

February 19, 2013

We laid out the challenge and you accepted: one week filled with loving, selfless acts for your spouse with each day being better than the last! In case you missed the National Marriage Week Challenge (Feb. 7-14) we’ve put together some of the excited comments along with some of the truly inspirational deeds done during the NMW Challenge. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment with how you wrapped up the Challenge.

The Anticipation:

I’m very excited to do this challenge. I am traveling for work soon and I can spoil him before I go! -Leslie

I really love the idea of this challenge and the benefits it will produce. My husband is so good to me, I am so happy to do anything for him to make his life easier. I can’t wait for our marriage to grow and become stronger. Team Jones! Super excited about the challenge! -A&M Jones

Thank you for this challenge. -Beth

I think this is a wonderful idea! I’m so happy my husband will be back from a short deployment the 3rd so it’s just in time! I think 7 days of this after a horrible week of intensive training will be wonderful for our marriage! -Jessica

I am so excited to take the National Marriage Week Challenge! It’s always good to keep things fresh & exciting! -Jean

I believe this is a great idea to keep a couples love on the front-burner. -Laura

The Challenge:

The Challengers had a great start to the week, keeping things sweet and simple.

I’m so thankful for my husband! He started the week off by bringing my favorite lunch item to my work during a VERY busy time. If it weren’t for him I may have settled for a pop-tart in the snack bar! -Tiffany

Well, ‘they’ say not to despise humble beginnings, so don’t laugh, but I started the challenge by ironing a weeks worth of clothing for my hubby. If you knew how much I avoid ironing and how much he enjoying having fresh clothes ready in the closet each morning, you’d understand! I also baked cookies, which is not at all unusual, except that I baked old fashioned sugar cookies which require rolling out and icing. I rarely do that, even though I know he really likes them. Somehow they seem like so much more work and mess than drop cookies! LOL! I also left a love note where he’ll find it in the AM to start his day! I came home from our son’s BB game to a lovely bunch of fresh flowers in my favorite vase, so I know he’s having fun with this too! Thanks! -Heather

As the week went on, the creativity of our Challengers began to shine.

Today I made my husbands lunch and favorite morning drink and added a sweet note on his napkin!! -Holly

Love scratch off tickets

I left the romantic lottery tickets in a envelope! I also put heart candy in a pill bottle. Labeled the bottle LOVE PILLS!!

Cupcakes and Love Poem

I made him cupcakes with heart candy on top. I also put a poem on the top of the lid.

Chocolate Kiss and Love Coupon Booklet

We worked together on laundry. I also showed him how much I appreciated him with coupons and a kiss.

Heart Sucker, Poem, and Rose

Our workout was cleaning together. However the relaxing later was great. I left the rose poem and heart sucker on his pillow.

Finally, at least one Challenger pulled out all the stops to give her Valentine a memorable day:

The last day of National Marriage Week!!! I must say planning and making things over the last week has been so great!!! I realized the time and effort to make this from my heart means so much more. Today I got him a bottle of cologne that I had left for him on his desk at work. I drove over a hour to get his favorite pie. I surprised him with a candlelight dinner. Rose pedals and a card on the bed. Rose pedals and candles around the bath tub with a bottle of bubble bath.(love bubbles) I also made him a cd with our favorite song (I swear) on a video to pictures from the time we dated until now.  -Ruth

If you missed out on the fun of the National Marriage Week Challenge, don’t worry! You can decide to take up the Challenge at any time. See how long you can continue to do loving deeds for your spouse!

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