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Get House Work Noticed

February 8, 2013

Get your House Work Noticed. Most of us don’t enjoy doing house work and we really don’t like it when our significant other takes it for granted that we will do them. Today, try this out: Leave a “love you” note next to the product of your house work. If you hang up some of his clothes, leave a note on the closet door telling him that because you love him you have prepared his cloths for another day’s work. Chopped some wood today? Get the fireplace going and leave her a big note on the mantle that says you’re trying to warm her heart because she has warmed yours.

Make sure you make the note very noticeable. Fold a full sheet of paper into a card and decorate the front with bright colors, select paper that is the opposite color of what it will be left on (white paper on a dark wall, an orange note on blue jeans, etc.), or leave a sticky-note at the recipient’s eye level. Hopefully, you will be thanked for your work and your spouse will be reminded of the love you share.


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  1. February 9, 2013 3:32 pm

    I like your style. ….

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