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Schedule in Love Every Day

February 7, 2013
wedding kiss

Schedule a time every day to enjoy a simple loving action. Taking a little time to schedule in a loving act like holding hands or kissing automatically makes that act, along with your relationship, more of a priority. Do you have time for a kiss in the morning, after work, or just before going to bed? Maybe you work different shifts and rarely have waking hours together. That’s ok, you don’t have to receive a kiss back. Kiss his shoulder before you leave or kiss her forehead when you climb into bed. Find yourself reading on the couch next to your spouse watching TV? Sneak one of your hands between his and the remote or just scoot a little closer and link arms.

After a long day at work is an excellent time for a passionate kiss. It will let your spouse know you’re glad they’re home and kissing has been shown to improve people’s moods while decreasing their stress levels. On top of that, kissing exercises over 30 facial muscles which helps to keep you looking younger. No matter what age you are, make sure you make the time to kiss your spouse every day.

~Curt4-KK - Hold Hands

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