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5 reasons I like Mother’s Day even though I’ll never be a mom!

May 10, 2012
A Mom holding her son's hand with overlayed quoted

Maybe it’s just the time of the year or all the memories of putting a smile on my mom’s face, but I still find myself enjoying this day a little more than others. So I came up with 5 reasons to enjoy Mother’s Day even if you’re not a mom.

5.       It reminds me from where I came – Mother’s Day is a reminder that I’m part of a larger network, a family with a lineage that goes back for generations. I have the responsibility to write part of the next chapter of family history. It also shows me I still have a long way to go.

4.       If I try really hard on Mother’s Day, she’ll make Father’s Day even better! – What I mean is that when you give love, you often receive love in return. The act of loving moves people to reciprocate. While you should never approach a relationship as being strictly give and take, (I’ll do that for you, but only if you do this for me) it can be encouraging to remind yourself that the act of making someone else happy, will often make you happy as well.

3.       Our actions affect others – None of us would be on this earth if it weren’t for our moms. Not only did they birth, feed, burp, and clean us, they showed us how to live. Moms help us see how our actions affect others (Be a good example for your brother!) and how easily we can be affected by others too (Me: But Mom, everyone does it! Mom: If everyone ran headlong into a brick wall would you do that too?  Me: Maybe.).

2.       I appreciate all the work moms do – Moms put in a lot of long hours and often it’s after their official work day is over. Whether it’s doing the laundry or filling a hungry man’s stomach, being willing to serve others is reason enough to deserve a special day every year.

1.       When Mom’s happy everyone’s happy – When the person coordinating and managing most of the household is having a bad day that negativity will seep into all aspects of the household. This is especially true for moms and women in general. Their brains are typically better suited to intertwine the numerous aspects of life (2 loads of laundry, 3 things cooking for dinner, where the kids are, how to help with your sister’s heart break and what needs done next on the project at work). While this means women are generally much better at multitasking, it also allows stress and frustration from one area to seep over into all areas of life. I know my linear-thinking brain could never handle what is routine for most moms. That’s all the more reason to make an extra effort and ensure that Mother’s Day is as enjoyable as possible!


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