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Weathering the Storm for an Extraordinary Relationship

February 8, 2012

Dark SkiesAsk any group of young people and you will find that no one wants to live a mediocre life. However, when life gets rough often times people end up giving up on their dreams and they settle for just doing the minimum in order to get by. Far too often this mindset affects how we approach our relationships. For me it’s like the winter weather here in Ohio: clear sunny skies one day, 3 inches of blowing snow the next. It’s easy to be bright and cheery on a beautiful day and far too easy to be glum and just want to sleep during a storm. It is a much more extraordinary thing when we are cheerful during a storm.

What does this have to do with relationships?

Think about it. When your partner is having a bad day or the two of you are facing a hardship, it’s easy to stop trying and want to sleep through the situation. Likewise, it’s easy to be happy lovebirds when life is good. It’s when you are able to maintain that loving feeling even during a storm, even if your partner is feeling glum, that you have a chance to brighten their day and be extraordinary.

No doubt this is not an easy task. At times it requires hard work and self-sacrifice but that is precisely what it takes to make a relationship (or anything else) extraordinary.  So take some time during this National Marriage Week to ask yourself, Am I going to continue drudging through each day wishing it was nicer out? Or am I going to start making every day an extraordinary one?  Maybe you’ve tried before and failed or maybe you simply don’t know where to begin; don’t let these storm clouds scare you into a cave, there is help available and Marriage Works! Ohio is one of the places you can find it.

The question is…Do you want to have an extraordinary life?


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