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The Chapman Event

April 28, 2011

At Marriage Works! Ohio we are very excited about our 5th Annual Celebration of Love on May 21, 2011, where we will be featuring Dr. Gary Chapman. We have used some of his materials here, and have found the materials to be life changing for many people who have come through our classes.  Personally, learning the concepts in The Five Love Languages and practicing them with my wife has greatly improved our marriage and changed the way we relate to each other.

As I have told many groups of people, I used to speak my own love language (i.e. touch) to my wife all the time and wondered why it wasn’t always well received and reciprocated. (I know you’re thinking: Doesn’t this guy have six children with the seventh on the way? Sounds like he’s getting all the reciprocation he needs.) OK, all that aside, we weren’t often emotionally connecting. But understanding the Five Love Languages helped me to see: Duh, with six children, she wasn’t looking for more touch. The children had been touching (and slobbering, and wiping their noses, and laying on, and… get the picture) her all day long. So it should have been no surprise that her love language was Acts of Service. Then I understood the need to sacrificially give to my spouse to help her out in what her needs were in order to help her reduce stress, which then freed her up to truly reciprocate!

What Gary Chapman has contributed to the field of Marriage and Relationship Enrichment has been invaluable. I encourage all of you to consider investing time into learning The Five Love Languages and to consider coming to our event on May 21st. I believe you will find it to be a night of enjoyment and eye-opening information. For more information about the event and to purchase tickets click here: 


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  1. Jean Aschenbrenner permalink
    May 4, 2011 12:03 am

    I would like to thank Marriage Works! Ohio for offering this event! I have already put out a facebook blast to my local married friends. This will be an excellent opportunity for my husband and I to learn, grow, and spend time together. :0)

  2. cindy wolfe permalink
    May 4, 2011 4:59 pm

    I think Gary Chapman is a great author and I think my husband and I could really benefit from going to this events immensely!

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