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My Best Friend

February 10, 2011

It’s 1989 and the wedding invitations inscribed with Today I will marry my best friend have been sent out. The wedding day arrives and in a ceremonial event that is reminiscent of a royal affair — two young, naive people began a life together with the simple two words of “I do”.  Neither of us knowing what to do, but none the less we said, “I do”.  Flash forward more than 20 years and the inscription on our wedding invitations rings truer than ever–we are best friends.  Our love has grown stronger through every bump in the road, but it’s our friendship that is the anchor in our marriage.  The respect, loyalty, time and energy that you give a friend are the building blocks of strong marriage.

When we look back to who we were, what we thought marriage was — it’s almost comical.  We had no idea what would lie ahead for us.  Acknowledging where we are now, we wouldn’t change a thing.  Our love, our friendship is what got us this far and it’s what will continue to strengthen our relationship.

Tina Cramer

Married to Chris Cramer 23 Years


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