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My Wife Is My Love Letter

February 9, 2011

Before I got married there were many times in my life that I felt lonely, discouraged, and at times overwhelmed by life. But one night I experienced something that changed my outlook on life forever.

I walked into a friend’s house trying to look as cool as possible wearing my tank top, my Levis rolled up at the ankle and my mullet, and yes it was the 80’s. There she was, Tina, my future wife with her blonde hair and those blue eyes. I had to meet her, so I worked up the courage to approach her and with the coolest voice I could muster up I said, “Scott, who’s your friend?”  Now I’m not sure why I didn’t talk to her, fact of the matter is I didn’t even look at her. I was thinking that if she didn’t like my mullet at least I wouldn’t have to see her reject me.

But just the opposite happened. She introduced herself and immediately we had a connection. She didn’t talk just about her but she was interested in me as well. We stood there in front of her dad’s convertible and talked for hours. I found she was interesting and caring and funny and loving and had life goals and well, I could go on, but on that night I guess what I learned was that this person who I had just met was not only beautiful on the outside but more importantly she was beautiful on the inside.

From that day until today I am amazed at how she makes me feel. When I feel lonely she makes me feel like I am the most important person in the world. When am discouraged she makes me feel like I can do anything. Life is never overwhelming when she is by my side. She is MY LOVE LETTER!

Chris Cramer

High School Presenter

Married to Tina Cramer 23 Years


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