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What’s Cooking?

January 12, 2011

We returned home from our honeymoon on a Friday night and Saturday morning I awoke to fresh brewed coffee and homemade coffeecake baking in the oven. Congratulating myself on marrying the right man, I peered into a future that looked bright with homespun bliss. That homespun bliss lasted another couple days and then the honeymoon was over. Laundry awaited, work was calling, someone needed to buy groceries and (in our union – a big issue) someone needed to cook…everyday…who was it going to be? He had already exhibited his culinary prowess in delivering a melt-in-your-mouth coffeecake so I assumed he would do a good share of the cooking. He thought that he had finished his cooking responsibilities by producing the aforementioned coffeecake and assumed I would do the cooking.

We settled the issue with a general rule (yes, another household rule for us):

Rule #2 – Whoever gets home first – cooks.

As it turned out, I was the one who was home first most days so I did most of the cooking. Then I took a job where I was getting home at the same time or sometimes later than he. One night I got home after 7 p.m. and he had been home an hour and nothing was cooking and it was going to be way late before we ate so I dragged out Rule #2 and enhanced it:

Rule #2 (enhanced) – Whoever gets home first – and that means whoever pulls into the driveway first -cooks or at least starts cooking some type of dinner and the other person can help when they get home.

Enhanced Rule #2 worked well for us until the night I was driving home and called my husband on the cell phone. When he answered I could tell he was driving. His first question to me was, “Where are you?” I lovingly gave him my location and asked him the same. His answer was slightly vague but indicated he was on his way home, too. Imagine my amazement when he pulled into the driveway right behind me.  A little too convenient, don’t you think? He laughingly admitted that when I gave him my location, he slowed down so that I would be the first one to pull into the driveway.  And yes, I did cook that night even as I cried, “Foul!”

We have talked on the way home many times since, but that’s the last time I ever gave him my location. Despite the loophole my husband discovered, enhanced Rule #2 is working well for us. Just last month there was a day when I thought I was going to be working late so I texted my husband to tell him when I would be home. His reply text read, “Dinner will be waiting.” I thought that was so sweet. Then when work plans changed and I realized that I was going to be home earlier than he, I texted him that information as well. His reply text read, “What’s for supper?” We laugh about enhanced Rule #2, but we both follow it. As a matter of fact, I believe he said something about being home early today. Let’s see what he cooks for supper!



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