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I Knew I Should Have Taken a Left At Albuquerque!

December 8, 2010

What’s the difference between our wife and our GPS? One helps you on your life’s journey and is a gentle companion that will shift and change as your direction in life changes, and the other one you’re married to. OK…before anyone has a severe negative reaction, this is a bad joke that really needs to die in infamy. However, to many of us men, we follow this way of thinking even without admitting it or sometimes without even knowing it. I’ve learned this the hard way early on in my marriage.

Many times I would ask my wife, “Wife, which way do you think would be the fastest to get to the Smith’s house?” After she told me her thought, I proceeded to explain to her why I had concerns that that might not be the quickest way. To which she responded, “Why did you ask me if you didn’t want my opinion!?” To which I was appalled, because if I didn’t want her opinion, I wouldn’t have asked! Just because I didn’t agree, didn’t mean I didn’t want her opinion.

I’m convinced that my head seems to get less thick the older I get  because after several times of going through the above ritual and being upset at her reactions, it finally dawned on me. She didn’t sign up for a lesson on debating nor did she ask for my return opinion. In fact, she usually is quite content with falling asleep as soon as we pull out of the driveway. I’ve learned that if you don’t want your wife’s answer…DON’T ASK! If you do ask, don’t think after she gives you an answer. The worst thing you can do is to think! Just go. If you end up in the wrong place, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT! Face it men, the thing we hate more than driving 20 miles out of the way and going to a part of town that is less than desirable with a car load of crying children, is to be wrong.

Heck, when I come home from work, I love to come home to a happy wife. But if my wife is mad, I’m just happy when I’m not to blame for what she is unhappy about. Then we can team up to battle the problem together. (OK I digressed a little) I have to say, I love my GPS. Now, I don’t ask my wife and she doesn’t tell me “where to go”…. I mean, which way to go, and if we end up in the wrong place, neither of us are to blame. But occasionally, my wife does question which way the GPS is telling me to go. My advice is don’t think; just do what your wife says. The GPS will recalculate faster than your wife and you don’t have to share a bed with your GPS. If you do, that’s another issue you better discuss with your wife.


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