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Over or Under (part 2)

November 10, 2010

Early on in marriage, my wife and I also had to establish the proper way of toilet paper dispensing. However, now that we have kids in the home—6 to be exact—the questions most often asked are, “Honey?…Sarah?…Joshua?…ANYONE?!! Can someone bring me another roll of TP!?” Or “How much TP did you use before stopping up the toilet?” Or “How hard is it to put the TP onthe dispenser and not where it can easily be knocked into the toilet?!”

Then there is the question my wife and I still don’t see eye to eye on: do we buy double-ply or single-ply rolls? Her argument for double-ply TP is that you need less to do the job and thus it saves us money. My argument is that the kids’ brains don’t think that logically and they still resort back to using the same pulling amount as before. Consequently, using five feet of double-ply in one sitting equals more paper to clog the commode; water on the bathroom floor; and Dad—mild-mannered Director by day/professional plumber by night—spending the next hour splashing even more water on the floor trying to unclog the toilet. I’m toying with the idea of creating a dispenser monitor that beeps slowly when you pull off the right amount, beeps faster when you pull too much, and then sets off a whole house siren when you go overboard.

Lately, I have learned to survey the lavatory scene thoroughly before settling in. Is there TP available? Check. Is the door locked? Check. Is there sufficient reading material? Check. Is air freshener handy? Check. Is the practice flush successful, indicating that no one stopped up the toilet and left that little discovery for the next user? Check. And most importantly, did one of the kids leave anything behind on the toilet seat? Double check!

My wife and I have learned how to work together to meet each other’s needs and not get caught up in the little things that are mere distractions. So you ask, over or under? Heck, I’m just happy to have a toilet available for use when I need it and a wife that tells the kids to leave me alone when I’m in there. And because I love her so much, I try to do the same for her.


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  1. Angela melton permalink
    January 5, 2011 11:44 am

    This is a great article, for the simple fact that my husband and I had this discussion the other day. I had gone to the bathroom only to realize that there was no TP so I grabbed another roll and put it on dispenser well only to hear my husband pitch a fit because I put the TP on wrong. So I go to the door and I ask how in the world do you put TP on wrong. He goes well in this house the TP goes under and I couldn’t figure out why this was a big deal to him either way your getting toilet paper. He thinks that its easier to dispense if its under.. So I went along with it I got tired of trying to figure out his reasoning or the logic behind it.

    And just to touch on what you said before about single ply or double ply most women like the double ply because it gives you extra toilet paper and won’t have to use as much like your wife mentioned, but as for kids they will never understand why you can’t use the same amount of toilet paper as before. They are going to keep using the same amount so your basically wasting your breath there. My kids are 4 and 2 1/2 and now the issue we are having is that when they are going to bathroom they want to sit there and unwind the whole roll haven’t figured out why this entertains them.

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